Build your own Youquet – 5 Traits

Choose 5 personality traits from the list below. We’ll pair those traits with their corresponding flowers and build the arrangement – your Youquet.

After purchase, you’ll receive an email to approve your personalized design and order products bearing your Youquet!


Enter the FIRST and LAST NAME or any two words (for example, MY HOME) or enter "no side text" for no text. (Required)
The boxes automatically gray-out when the total is reached.

Once you've placed your order:

Within 1-3 business days, you’ll receive an email inviting you to approve the sample of your custom flower arrangement. Once we receive your approval, you’ll be able to download your Youquet and choose from an assortment of products bearing your personalized design!

Download details: high-resolution (300 dpi – 20in x 20in) 

Approved Youquets will include a key in the lower portion of the image pairing the flowers used in the arrangement with the traits they symbolize. (See photo above.) **This key will not be in the arrangement you’re asked to approve.