The Bouquet of You


The Bouquet of You

A picture reveals what you look like.
A Youquet celebrates who you are.

If each of your personality traits were assigned a single flower, what would the bouquet of you be?

For centuries, people have assigned meanings to flowers to send messages or to communicate a feeling. But flowers also represent personality traits – from flirtatiousness to aloofness, from cynicism to hopefulness.

What is a Youquet?

A Youquet, unlike a traditional picture, celebrates the essence of a person. We pair personality traits or characteristics with their corresponding flowers, and we bring those flowers together into an arrangement: a Youquet. The final image reveals not the visible surface layer of a person, but the qualities of the human being within.

All purchased Youquets, personalized or otherwise, will include a key in the lower portion of the image pairing the flowers used in the Youquet with the traits they symbolize.

We hope you’ll take pleasure in celebrating everything that is you or someone you care for—flowers, “weeds,” and all.

Choose from among our Youquets representing many of the Myers-Briggs personality types, select a larger pre-made Youquet if the traits fit, or have your entirely you-nique arrangement made from scratch by selecting traits from our list. 

Note 1: We won’t supply a list of our available flowers; just traits. This is a trait-based service. 🙂

Note 2: AI is not used in the arrangement of Youquets, and the individual flowers, branches, and leaves in each Youquet are the creations of artists who have licensed their work for commercial use.

it's what's on the inside that counts

Each Youquet is composed of a unique combination of flowers and greenery symbolizing the notable traits that come together to make you YOU.

High resolution files for you to print anywhere. Also available as a quality print direct in the shop!

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